5 Top Tips On Shopping At An Online Canada Pharmacy

According to statistics published in 2010 by IMS Health, the global leader in market intelligence for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, the number…

According to statistics published in 2010 by IMS Health, the global leader in market intelligence for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, the number of retail prescriptions filled by Canada pharmacies increased 5.5% in 2009, from the 2008 levels. IMS Health said that this increase could be attributed to better access to generic drugs, rise in the use of specialty pharmaceutical products and, of course, an aging population. In fact, generics were found to account for 54.3% of the drug sales, an increase from the 51.8% recorded for 2008. IMS Health expects this growth trend to continue in the coming years, with an expected increase of 4.5%-5.5% growth in the Canada pharmacy market in 2010.

It is safe to say that this growth is partly being fuelled by the mushrooming of numerous online Canada pharmacies. The problem that arises now is the difficulty in identifying a fraudulent online retailer from a legitimate one. Not only do you lose your money with a retailer who is unscrupulous, you might end up with fake or low quality medication that you harm you or your loved ones. Therefore, before you place an online order with a Canada pharmacy, read the tips given below.

Tips on Choosing the Right Online Canada Pharmacy

While comparing one Canada Pharmacy with another, keep the following point in mind:

The online retailer should require a prescription: Although there are some governments that allow the purchase of drugs in the absence of a prescription, any credible drugstore will prefer not to take the risk of selling medication without a prescription. Therefore, select an online retailer who either asks for a prescription or offers consultation with a physician to generate a prescription before it takes your orders. Look for crucial information about the company: The information that you should search for is the name, physical address, phone number and license number of the retailer. Verify this information before moving forward with the order. Check the certification of the company: A reliable online drugstore should possess a seal of legitimact, such as the stamp of being a member of the Certified Canadian International Pharmacy (CIPA) or the seal of the International Pharmacy Association British Columbia (IPABC). Check PharmacyChecker: This is a great source of information on online drugstores. PharmacyChecker collects information about the various online pharmacies and evaluates each one against its credentials, prices and consumer feedback. The online pharmacy should either have the PharmacyChecker stamp on its website of PharmacyChecker should list the company and the link to its website. Choose a company that has a transparent procedure and a sound shipment guarantee: This means that you need to check with the retailer the process that it uses to send the drugs to you. The procedure should be secure and traceable. If a company does not have a documented shipment policy, it is best to avoid ordering from them.