2007 Dentistry Awards in UK

With a high population volume the UK dentistry field has become extremely competitive but this doesn’t always mean that patients will see an improvement in…

When it comes to excellent dental service all clients expect the best possible treatment and practice which would match the prices paid for such procedures. While most dental procedures are covered by health insurance companies other treatments which are equally important such as cosmetic dentistry are not covered by insurance companies so it goes without saying that must of the money (if not all) comes from the client’s pocket.

Dental treatments and cosmetic procedures which are performed in countries where the life style doesn’t tend to be expensive provide good services but our expectations are much higher when it comes to well known and established companies within countries such as UK.

The United Kingdom has an average population of 60.5 million people according to the 2006 mid-estimate and among the largest cities within that country we have London, Liverpool, Manchester and several others. The Great Manchester urban area has an approximate 2.2 million people; with such large numbers it is obvious that we can find many dentists and private clinics which offer services to locals.

The competition in the dental field has increased which is a good thing for people living in UK, particularly in the Great Manchester area. While the increased competition can drive the cost of dental procedures down, the service quality is not guaranteed in most places this is why private dentistry awards are held every year to give special recognition to those private practitioners which offer patients the best service using the latest technology available.

It is well known among dental practitioners that this recognition is normally awarded to private clinics located in southern England, normally London. In 2007 the exception to this “rule” became known, KissDental which is located at the north of England received its first award for the best UK private dental practice of the year. The award falls within one of the three main categories used to decide the best practice, dentist and team member.

A few of the strong points the awarded clinic has are:

– The use of CEREC MCXL ceramic studio which can mill porcelain crowns and veneers in record time (about 4 minutes per restoration) without compromising their quality.

– The use of Invisalign which are referred to as the revolutionary invisible braces which were designed to provide a perfectly aligned smile without the use of metal braces which can be uncomfortable and visually obvious.

Regardless of which private clinic you decide to use, remember to look for services which would match and exceed the monetary value paid for cosmetic dentistry procedures.